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  •  Divergent Offerings - WARM Poster

    Divergent Offerings

    Opening Reception: November 3rd — 5:30PM–8:30PM

    Divergent — Tending to be different or develop in different directions; relating to or being an infinite sequence that does not have a limit.
    Offerings — A thing offered, a gift or contribution.

    A curated Women’s Art Resources Minnesota (WARM) pop–up show in collaboration with The Show Gallery Lowertown & AVIVO ArtWorks (formerly Spectrum ArtWorks). This show features work from WARM Members, Mentors, and our partner curation team from AVIVO ArtWorks.

    Mentor Artist Talk: November 11th — 10–noon

    WARM Annual Meeting: November 15th — 7PM–8:30PM

    Closing Event: November 18th — 3:30PM–5:30PM

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  • Marrie Bottelson Solo Exhibition Poster

    Marrie Bottelson

    Opening Reception: October 20th — 6PM–9PM

    Marrie Bottelson has been creating art for eleven years — since 2011.

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Grand Opening - Volunteers

The Show Gallery Lowertown Grand Opening — 346 Sibley Street – 2016
— Photo Credit Studio McCutch