About Teaching

Class sizes could range from 2–15 people. This depends on your preferences, the demand for your class, and the amount of room you need for the class. Classes can be held in the main gallery or the meeting space. Classroom assignment is first–come first–serve basis; you will choose your class dates and times when you sign up. Complete the teaching form. Our Classes Coordinator will contact you after receiving your submission to discuss teaching classes at The Show Gallery Lowertown.

Ready? Go to the Teach a Class Form

Questions? Contact the Class Coordinator

Connie Basset


  • Space rental $15.00 per hour.
  • Volunteers who have logged 8 volunteer hours in the last 60 days teach for free!
  • Volunteer


  • No teaching experience is required.
  • Teachers must submit an overview of their class so that staff can help people choose the right class and so that we can promote the class online.
  • Students will be surveyed at the end of the class to gather data on student satisfaction for both the gallery and the teaching artist.
  • Classes will be set up on a first come basis initially. We may decide to take a more curated approach in the future.

Available Resources

  • Electricity, water, 3 work tables, a small amount of storage (maybe)
  • Teachers provide their own lesson materials or have the students purchase them on their own.
  • Students with disabilities will have a staff person with them at all times, this person will help facilitate the lesson if needed.

Days & Hours

  • A staff member from the gallery will be at all classes to open/close the gallery for classes. In the future we may ask teachers to open/close the gallery without the help of staff. This is still being determined.


  • New teachers will be required to attend a brief “orientation” where they can be acquainted with the space and see the tables, sink area, storage area, etc.

Rules and Restrictions

  • Teachers will be required to save 2 spaces for members of ‘The Show’ Nonprofit or MSS for free. Both organizations will see if there are artists who are interested in the class, and if not, the spots are then opened up.
  • Teachers are required to handle class fees themselves.
  • Classes must be set up 30 days in advance to allow for promotion and student recruitment.
  • Teachers are responsible for set up/take down/clearing the classroom.
  • Teachers are responsible for keeping floors, tables, and chairs, relatively free of art materials. Please let us know if you need assistance with this.