Join Our Volunteer Team and Become Part of a Unique Community of Artists, Creatives and Supporters

Meet fun and talented people and make a difference in helping artists from all walks of life.

If you have a passion for the arts and community, The Show Gallery Lowertown can’t wait to meet you! It’s fun, it’s easy, and you will actively support an inclusive art space like no other. We run on the time and creative talent of an amazing, dedicated team of volunteers, who ensure that everyone’s experience at is fun, accessible, interesting and memorable.

Volunteers commit to one 3 hour shift per month in the gallery (though more is wonderful!) — greeting visitors, selling art and gifts, stocking our small gift shop, staffing art openings and receptions, and assisting during classes as needed.

Volunteer rewards include participation in an all–volunteer/staff art exhibition; discounts on use of our space for your class or event; first look at items in our gift shop; the chance to mingle and network with a wide variety of artists at opening receptions and Lowertown First Friday events, and opportunities to show during the bi–annual Saint Paul Art Crawl.

Free training provided.


Contact our friendly Volunteer Coordinator, Tara Tieso — taratieso@theshowartgallery.org

Join us and discover the art of making a difference.

Our People

Volunteers 2014–2018

  • Janice Bartone
  • Ann Bernard
  • Sam Bisanz
  • Tess Bittner
  • Megan Ciskowski
  • Jess Day
  • Barbara Dodge
  • Tom Dunn
  • Jane Ellison
  • Nancy Erickson
  • Barbara Evan
  • Jane Fellerer
  • Sue Focke
  • Laurie Grau
  • Lisa–Marie Greenley
  • Betsy Guzior
  • Jacob Guzior
  • Michael Guzior
  • Lu Hagadorn
  • Sharon Hanson
  • Elaine Harries
  • Vaughn Harries
  • Amber Isachsen
  • Deb James
  • Sara Johnson
  • Pam Kowalski
  • Gretchen Krause
  • Midge Lange
  • Patty Lange
  • Shelly Losee
  • Nancy Meshbesher
  • Natalie Meshbesher
  • Theresa McCutchan
  • Chris Peterson
  • Heather Peterson
  • Becky Pung
  • Brook Randal
  • Terri Schmidt
  • Jane Schuler
  • Corrie Semi
  • Kathy Shroyer
  • Michele Stenbeck
  • Sarah Stenbeck
  • Kumi Takahashi
  • Musa Vadnais
  • Tina Van Erp
  • Elaine Walsh
  • Robyn Yechout

To apply, please go here.

Join us!


The Show Gallery Lowertown is a nonprofit community arts space which seeks to create accessibility in the arts and unite artists of all abilities. The Show strives to exemplify all that an inclusive arts community can be.

The Show Gallery began when a dedicated group of creatives and social service professionals came together around their passion for the arts and their quest to create more than just therapeutic art opportunities for those with disabilities.

The Show Gallery is now a thriving creative community unlike any other in the Twin Cities — where artists come together to practice their art, learn new creative and leadership skills, show their work in professionally curated exhibitions, educate others, and grow as artists.

At the center of it all are the passionate and dedicated efforts of our volunteers who serve on every level — from our Founder, Winna Bernard, to The Show Nonprofit Board of Directors; from the smiling faces greeting you at gallery events, to the behind–the–scenes hands and hearts telling the story of our community through creating gallery and digital spaces.

Our volunteer team changes lives creatively, every day.

Thanks Show Volunteers — You Are The Best!