The Show Nonprofit

Winna Bernard Artist/Social Worker/Founder

“I was inspired to create a unique art space after seeing this beautiful piece of pottery. This pottery bowl was created by an artist who does not have use of her hands, she used a paint brush attached to a headband to apply the glaze. This piece took six months to finish. I have worked as a social worker for over 20 years and I was tired of seeing these beautiful pieces of art work created by artists with disabilities not being permanently displayed in art galleries in the Twin Cities.

‘The Show’ Nonprofit will for the first time give artists of all abilities a place to promote and sell their work in the heart of St. Paul’s art district.”

Mission Our mission is to promote diversity and create an environment where all artists are welcome regardless of training and background.
Vision Our vision is to create opportunities for artists of all abilities.

Board Members

  • Winna Bernard, Founder/President
  • Jenny Mateer, Vice President
  • Kathy Shroyer, Treasurer
  • Gerald Glomb, Board Member
  • Marjorie Ames, Board Member
  • Tara Tieso, Board Member
  • Steve Lott, Board Member
  • Dan Reed, Board Member
  • Marrie Bottleson, Board Member
  • Mike Veeck, Board Member